The Little Big Storage Update is Here!

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The Little Big Storage Update is Here!

Postby Kara » Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:20 pm


The Storage Situation:
Do you have hundreds of echoes hovering in a corner somewhere? Maybe a few thousand Wiggly Wonderland ornaments stashed in The Grotto? The Little Big Storage Update is here to help! Ranch storage is getting a huge upgrade and it’s just in time for a little spring cleaning.


- Silos and warp depots now accept ornaments and echoes.
- Silo and warp depot slot capacity increased to a whopping 300 units (from 100).
- Silos now have 3 storage slots per side.

That’s right, we’re giving you 12 slots with the ability to hold 300 items each. You do the math!


- Unlinked Steam achievements from in-game achievements to better support the case of multiple people sharing a machine and playing the game on two different Steam accounts.
- Resetting in-game achievements will no longer reset Steam achievements.
- In-game achievements will no longer sync when starting a new game on Steam.
- If you earn an achievement while having only one type unlocked (in-game vs Steam), you will now see the pop-up for the missing achievement.
- Non-Rush Mode achievements will no longer be awarded while in Rush Mode.
- Updated silo achievement so you won’t need to completely fill the new silos.

- You got a raise! Mochi will now pay you 200 newbucks for every 10 quicksilver plorts you deliver.
- Added some flashy effects to the Nimble Valley countdown animation.
- Added an intro animation to the start of Rush Mode.
- Added a pinch of pizzazz to the end animation for Rush Mode. (it’s much more than a pinch tbh)
- Coins dropped in the world are snatched up and pocketed much quicker now.
- Created an innovative game save mechanism that can see through space and time to prevent confusion when ranchers time travel or access their ranch on different machines.
- Made it so the map tutorial will be completed immediately upon opening the map to complete the map tutorial.
- Updated some Russian in the Russian translation.

- Fixed a bug where names of items stored in the vac wouldn’t translate when selecting a different language.
- “Fixed” the snooze button on the ranch alarm clock so Beatrix won’t be able to sleep past 6:00AM.
- Fixed a treacherous spot in the Glass Desert where you could get stuck.
- Fixed a part of Mochi’s Manor where you could get stuck before you opened the expansion barrier.
- Fixed a spot in the Nimble Valley where you could get stuck.
- Fixed bug where radar icons would sometimes shake while moving. At least it wasn’t getting stuck!
- Fixed bug where the vac would jitter while moving.
- Fixed a bug where very sneaky ranchers were able to sneak quicksilver plorts off of the Valley using a sneaky arrangement of warp depots and silos.
- Fixed some bugs related to the Tabby Space Program where tabby slimes were attempting to rocket to the moon.
- Fixed a bug where fire slimes would (tragically) bounce (out of their troughs) with excitement when they saw Beatrix return to the ranch.
- Fixed a bug where the incinerator could destroy glints. They will no longer fight fire with fire.
- Fixed a bug where Mochi’s Manor icon was not appearing on teleporters.
- Fixed some quicksilver slime sounds so they now sound like quicksilver slimes.

April 3, 2018 - Slime Rancher v1.2.1b
- Fixed an issue where some ranchers were experiencing odd disappearances and reappearances of items and slimes in some areas on the range.
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