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Slime Rancher - v0.5.0

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Slime Rancher v0.5.0 is our next big content update that includes a new, explorable zone, new slime, new resource, and more!

Please note, this update will reset your gamepad, keyboard, and mouse bindings to defaults if you ever changed them. You'll simply need to change them back in the options menu.

Additionally, your position in the world will be set back on the ranch to avoid your being stuck in any of the new geometry added to the world.

- The Ancient Ruins is a new zone located between the Moss Blanket and Indigo Quarry. It contains a new slime, resource, and other secrets to discover. This zone will also serve as the key to accessing the Glass Desert in a future update. The Ancient Ruins is very different form other zones in Slime Rancher and ranchers can easily get lost within its twisting passages if they're not careful. Travel safely!
- The quantum slime is native to the ancient ruins and can emit other possible realities of itself, merging with one of those realities when agitated. Ranchers will need to keep a close eye on these slimes on the ranch, and make sure that eye is actually on the real quantum slime!
- Phase lemon trees are another strange product of the Ancient Ruins: a fruit tree that echoes across multiple realities, only half present in any one at a time. Though quantum slimes love its fruit, it will need some sort of binding agent in order to harvest those enigmatic lemons into our reality.
- Echoes are a new collectable item found tucked away in the Ancient Ruins. These little motes of light are often used by ranchers as decorations, though their origins remain a mystery. Echoes can be found daily in the many corners or the Ancient Ruins, or extracted with resource extractors.
- New achievements have been added
- 6 new deco gadgets have been added featuring beautiful art from the Ancient Ruins.
- 12 new treasure pods have been added: get hunting!
- Renamed Slime Quality to Model Quality and Water Quality to Shader Quality to better reflect those settings' usage in the game.
- Slime agitation now reduced more by eating, especially eating favorite foods.
- Hunter largos that get sufficiently agitated will revert to their feral form. Watch out!
- Adjusted prices of Hunter and Crystal Plorts to be a little more valuable, matching those of quantum plorts. These three slimes now represent the 'fourth tier' of slime difficulty.
- Improved some CPU efficiency items.
- Improved efficiency of grass mesh. That's right, here at Monomi Park even our grass is efficient.
- Updated version of Input library, which is related to gamepad inner workings.
- Puddle plorts are not longer requested or rewarded in the Range Exchange.

- Fixed bug where music could sometimes be stuck playing for an area you had just entered and then left.
- Fixed bug where starting to vac fruits and veggies but stopping while they were still vibrating would still cause them to come loose.
- Fixed bugs relating to vac-ing veggies out of the ground.
- Fixed bug where it was sometimes possible to vac items through a wall.
- Fixed bug where Tarrs placed on Slime Stage could quickly escape. Maybe it wasn't a bug though and deep down, tarrs are just really shy.
- Fixed bug where Honey slimes and plorts were not properly included in Range Exchange.
- Fixed bug with appearance of slime mouths being off-color.

...and that's it! We hope you really enjoy this new update and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures in the Ancient Ruins!

March 7, 2017 - Slime Rancher v0.5.0b
A patch was issued today to fix some bugs following the release of v0.5.0:

- Fixed bug where quantum plort was not shown on the Refinery screen.
- Fixed bug where quantum slimes could escape the grotto to above the ceiling.
- Fixed bug where quantum slimes would intentionally escape directly to the Slime Sea. It is unclear if one day they would return as hardened, salt-crusted pirates, but we just weren't going to take that chance.
- Fixed bug where pink quantum largos would eat quantum plorts but not boom plorts.
- Fixed bug where quantum crystal largo would appear pink while rolling.
- Fixed bug where quantum largos were not transparent went held on the vac.
- Fixed bug where water was not going in through corral walls.
- Fixed bug where fashion pods were not going in through corral walls.
- Fixed bug where echoes were showing as 'Echoes' when targeted instead of the specified type (e.g. 'Red Echo')
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