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Slime Rancher v0.3.4

Postby Nick » Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:11 am

Slime Rancher v0.3.4 is now available! It contains the following changes and fixes:

- The Ranch house now has a new background image that changes based on the time of day.
- The Ranch house's door now has an open/close sound effect, because silent doors are spooky.
- Puddle slimes now blush when they become too shy to make plorts. If you're trying to picture this, your mental picture is likely not adorable enough.

- Fixed an issue where phosphor slimes could sometimes disappear from the Grotto or corrals with solar shields.
- Fixed an issue where tabbies would fight over a chicken instead of the fastest one simply eating it like nature intended.
- Fixed an issue where a slime stack would result in slime folding into themselves.
- Fixed an issue where rad largos would become invisible when held.
- Fixed an issue where the tutorial would become stuck.

What's in Development?
We've got some cool, new stuff we're working on as we march toward our v0.4.0 release. Here's a sample of what to expect in the upcoming updates:
- The Moss Blanket is getting a visual overhaul and some new content.
- The hunter slime will finally be slinking its way across the range, hungry for your roostros.
- Steam achievements are on the way!
- We're starting to translate Slime Rancher into other languages. First up are German, Spanish, French, and Russian.
- A new Ranch expansion is in development: The Lab!

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