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Slime Rancher v0.3.3

PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:15 am
by Nick
Slime Rancher v0.3.3 is now available!

- The Pulse Wave has received an overhaul: the visuals have been greatly improved and the knockback and its effectiveness has been increased against largos and tarr.
- Boom slime explosion logic has been improved and has greatly reduced the chances of small items escaping corral barriers when they explode.
- An FOV slider has been added in the Video Options menu.
- Slimes that are actively fleeing Tarrs will now attempt to break up their slime stacks, because when things go south, it's every slime for themselves.
- Adjusted the volume and falloff of a number of sound effects.
- The music of the Slime Sea now has a new day and night theme.
- Adjusted a bunch of environmental props.
- Reordered a few items in the Slimepedia.
- Removed normal slime voice overs from ferals. It was hard to be intimidating when you sounded that darn cute.

- Fixed bug causing fruit and vegetables to shrivel too much when they rot.
- Fixed bug preventing use of “w” in text fields (game name, bug reports).

That's all for now! Since we're now a few patches into our march toward v0.4.0, let us know in the forums if you're preferring these smaller, but more frequent updates vs longer downtime and then one large update. We'd love to hear from you!